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We Build, Design & Support Serverless Applications.

We Build, Design & Support Serverless Apps

Solid Code Solutions is a leading software consultancy based in Leamington Spa, UK. We specialise in building cloud-based web applications using serverless technologies.

Serverless applications offer some amazing benefits that give you a competitive advantage. By going serverless startups and enterprises can build massively scalable systems without requiring a huge budget.

Fast to market

Serverless applications tend to be low code solutions. This means it's possible to get to market in a fraction of the time it takes using more traditional software development architectures. Businesses that can quickly build and deliver applications in response to customer needs will build lasting success.

Low hosting cost

Serverless applications tend to be extremely low cost because you only pay for the resources you use. Consumption pricing plans mean you get real pay-per-use pricing.

Highly scalable

Serverless applications give you unlimited scalability by default with minimal effort. There's no need to design and provision expensive cloud infrastructure. This gives you incredible flexibility at a reasonable cost.

Low maintenance

Serverless applications are designed to be low maintenance so you don't need to implement an expensive and complicated devops operation. There are no servers to patch or manage.


Serverless infrastructures dramatically reduce the complexity of building and scaling microservices architectures.

IoT Applications

Serverless and event-driven architectures are a natural fit for IoT (Internet of Things) backends, real-time applications and streaming data sources.

e-Commerce Integration

Using serverless technologies to integrate your eCommerce site with back-end accounting and inventory systems saves you time and money as well as giving you incredible flexibility when it comes to running your business.

Web API Development

A serverless approach to building APIs significantly lowers costs and improves productivity as it removes the need to provision and maintain traditional infrastructure.

We build serverless cloud applications, microservices, real-time applications and web APIs using these great technologies:

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