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  • Matt Burrell

Combining a Monolith with Serverless Functions: A Winning Approach for Building an MVP

As a software developer, I often get asked about the best approach for building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). A monolith plus some serverless functions can be a great way to go.

A monolith is a single, self-contained software system that contains all of the necessary components and functionality for an application. It is often used as a starting point for building an MVP because it allows for rapid development and deployment, as all necessary components are housed within a single codebase.

However, monoliths can also have some drawbacks, such as difficulty scaling and maintaining separate components. This is where serverless functions come in.

Serverless functions are small, independent units of code that are executed in response to a specific event, such as a user request or data trigger. They are a great way to add additional functionality to a monolith, as they can be quickly developed and deployed without the need to maintain a separate server or infrastructure.

By combining a monolith with serverless functions, you can take advantage of the rapid development and deployment benefits of a monolith while also adding the flexibility and scalability of serverless functions. This can be an ideal solution for an MVP, as it allows for quick prototyping and iteration while also providing a scalable foundation for future development.

In summary, a monolith plus some serverless functions can be a great way to build an MVP. By leveraging the benefits of both approaches, you can create a scalable and flexible foundation for your product while also being able to quickly prototype and iterate on new ideas.

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