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Propel your business forward with bespoke software

We use big-brand development expertise to build your software using serverless technologies, so you can get off the ground without going over budget.


Launch your bespoke software in days, not months

Software that fuels rapid business growth

Custom software can offer incredible benefits for your business, from helping you sell services online to streamlining your behind-the-scenes operations.


We deliver your software application in a short time frame so you can quickly adapt to new opportunities.


Blazingly fast to market

We build bespoke web applications using serverless technologies. Get to market fast with our tried-and-tested approach.

Down-to-earth pricing

Get revenue-generating solutions at affordable prices so you can get your ideas off the ground without going over budget.

Trustworthy professionals

Our UK-based team has completed countless projects for happy clients.

Reliable and scalable

Our applications are built for reliability, and we use cloud-based technology that costs pennies per day to run.


Why Solid Code Solutions?

Solid Code Solutions is a boutique software firm based in Leamington Spa, UK.


We partner with small businesses and entrepreneurs that want to launch new digital products and services without the expense of hiring an in-house tech team.

We can get you to market fast while keeping your costs low, so you're heading in the right direction from day one.

Real innovation stories

See how we reduced our client’s eCommerce order processing time by 90% using a low-cost, bespoke serverless solution.


Tech expertise that’s worlds apart

We're taking the expertise harnessed by big brands like DHL, Sainsbury's and REED and making it accessible to entreprenuers and small businesses.

The result? Scalable, solid code that doesn't cost you the earth.

“Solid Code Solutions have translated our needs into neat, working solutions. Integrating systems from different providers, automating previously laborious tasks, eliminating errors and driving down costs.” 

—  William Frazier, Managing Director, Frazier's Wine Merchants

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