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Hi, I'm Matt, a developer and architect specialising in web and SaaS applications. I live in Leamington Spa, UK, with my wife and two kids.


My journey as a developer started as a teenager when I saw the movie Hackers and quickly got into coding. This eventually led to me study a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science and later an MSc in Psychology. I still love the learning, building and problem-solving aspects of coding.

When it comes to development projects, my main focus is on web applications and working with JavaScript and TypeScript. My full stack skillset means I can work on the frontend or backend and design solution architectures.


I currently work as an independent consultant and run Solid Code Solutions, a software development company that helps companies and entrepreneurs get to market quickly. Having once automated myself out of a job, I like to think I can help companies find ways to save time and money!


My personal passions include travelling, going to the gym, and kayaking. I don't need much of an excuse to get out on the water!

Experience and approach


In the past, I worked for organisations including DHL and the Department for Education and co-founded a startup. My favourite project to date was creating Spencer, a web application that helps schools to assess learning and behaviour difficulties in children. I built the app from scratch, and organisations use it both in the UK and abroad. 


I believe a lot of developers over-engineer their code, which ultimately leads to more maintenance and increased costs. My approach is to get the job done with clean, simple, and efficient code. The simplest way is often the hardest, but when your code genuinely solves real-world problems, that's as impressive as it gets!

Real innovation stories

See how I reduced my client’s eCommerce order processing time by 90% using a low-cost, bespoke serverless solution.


“Matt has translated our needs into neat, working solutions. Integrating systems from different providers, automating previously laborious tasks, eliminating errors and driving down costs.” 

—  William Frazier, Managing Director, Frazier's Wine Merchants

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